Sunworld History

Twenty-five years since its establishment in Osaka Shell Mound, steady progress has been made in the tough economic climate.
Sunworld history looking back on its 25-year history. I will continue to strive to cultivate under free thought from now on.

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Company history
1968 Showa 43 years Established as an Inoue shop in Taisho Ward, Osaka City (collection and distribution work of secondhand electrical appliances from home electronics mass retailers).
1978 Showa 53 years Establish a branch office in Suminoe-ku, Osaka City and set up a trade division to conduct export business for overseas.
1993 Heisei 5 Change the company name from Inoue shop to Sanworld Co., Ltd. and establish a company as a company.
1995 Heisei 7 Relocate the branch from Osaka City Suminoe Ward to Osaka Prefecture Kishiwada City.
2004 Heisei 16 Osaka Prefecture Kishiwada City will transfer the branch to current Osaka Prefecture Kaizuka City.
2006 Heisei 18 Start up a used car purchase sales division.
2008 Heisei 20 Establish a management section.
2014 Heisei 26 Move the head office from Osaka-shi Taisho-ku to Osaka prefecture Kaizuka-shi.
2014 Heisei 26 Launch a free collection site for used electric appliances
2018 Heisei 30 Launch the free collection site GIFT FOR SMILE ( of unused items.