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We collect and purchase unnecessary items from electric appliances in Osaka for the first time in 25 years and we will recycle and reuse all the items we sent.
If you are looking for free collection / purchase of home appliances in Osaka please leave it to Sunworld Co., Ltd.!

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Since establishing the company in 1993, we have steadily increased our achievements in the tough economic climate. Meanwhile, we have been trying to cultivate under the free idea that is not bound by the frame while grasping the flow of the changing era. As a result, I had a wonderful encounter with many countries in the world, and I was able to establish a sales network in various fields including Japanese used home appliances. I am grateful that this is all thanks to you all. We will continue to work together for all our employees, with the aim of becoming a company that can contribute to society, starting with everyone in the future. We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Company Profile

Name Sunworld Co., Ltd.
Representative Representative Director Kazuyoshi Inoue
Address 597-0092 1-14 Nishiki Kita-machi, Kaizuka-shi, Osaka
Tel 072-437-1271
Fax 072-437-1182
Establishment 1995 October 1
Capital 10 million yen
number of employees 15 people
Business contents Trade business, recycling business, industrial Waste Collection and Transport industry, purchase of movable goods, used car purchasing industry, support for overseas goods · fund-raising activities
Authorization Osaka Prefecture Public Safety Commission permission No. 621091301939
General Cargo Car Transportation Business Permit No. 31022
Industrial Waste Collection and Transport industry permission No. 2700043923
Accession Osaka · Kyoto lawyers cooperative association franchise store
Main bank Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Kishiwada Branch, Kinki Osaka Bank Ball Taisho Branch, Mitsui Sumitomo Kishiwada Branch