About disposal of movable property purchase

We will clean up your room, house, office, factory, whole.
We will collect and dispose of lower price than anywhere, we will buy higher price than anywhere! Please leave it to me.

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Cleaning up your room / house / office / factory

Please leave all purchases of factory used machines, fixtures and fixtures, vehicles etc from the rooms, houses, whole office cleanliness.
We collect and disposal lower prices than anywhere, we will purchase higher than anywhere else.

· I want to clean up a room that I no longer use
· I want to clean up my impossible as I relocate my office
· Wish to refresh garage, warehouse
· I want you to buy machines that are no longer in use at the factory
· I want you to clean up stores and buildings by the due date

If you have any requests, please leave it to Sunworld.
I have a track record of cleaning up and picking up a lot. Quotation and consultation are free. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our company is a member of Osaka prefecture · Kyoto prefecture lawyer cooperative association.
Please be assured we have absolute confidence about proper disposal, recycling and reuse of industrial waste.
* Consultation / requests from areas other than the Kinki 2 prefectures 4 prefectures may not be accepted depending on the contents.

Clean up your room, house

Please leave it to Sunworld before clearing your room or cleaning up your room that you no longer use.
We are using it for attorneys, real estate companies and people who prepare to move.

Clean up office, store

If you are retiring from work, relocation of shops / offices, when closing the store, please leave it to Sunworld.
We are using to the owner of the shop, lawyer, real estate company, office representative.

Purchase of factory, warehouse cleanup, used machine etc

Please leave it to Sun World if you wish to retire your work at a private business owner, close down factories / warehouses, purchase of machines that are no longer used.
We are using lawyers, business owners and real estate companies.